1. A medicine capsule is in the shape of the cylinder with two hemisphere struck to each of its ends , the length of the entire capsule is 14mm and the diameter of the capsule is 5mm, find its surface area.
  2. From a solid cylinder whose height is 2.4 cm and diameter 1.4cm, a conical cavity of the same height and the same diameter is hollowed out, find the total surface area of the remaining solid to the nearest cm2?
  3. A gulab jamun, consists sugar syrup up to about 30% of its volume, find the approximately how much syrup would be found in 45 gulabjamuns, each shaped like a cylinder with two hemispherical ends with a length 5cm and diameter 2.8cm.
  4. A vessel is in the form of the inverted cone , its height is 8cm and the radius of its top , which is open , is 5cm , it is filled with water up to the brim, when lead shots, each of which is a sphere of radius 0.5cmare dropped into a vessel , one fourth of the water flows out , find the number of lead shots dropped in the vessel.
  5. A spherical glass vessel has a cylindrical neck 8cm long, 2cm in diameter, the diameter of the spherical part is 8.5cm, by measuring the amount of water it holds, a child find its volume to be 345cm3, check whether she is correct, taking the above as the inside measurement and π=3.14.